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A new era of Internet has begun and LEXIT has the tools to help you redefine the way you do business.

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The LEXIT Ecosystem

LEXIT is an advanced Web3 Ecosystem consisting of Advisory Services, Launchpad, Marketplace and Metaverse to elevate high value Web 2.0 Entities to another level and maximizing their potential and scalability for the new age of the internet, Web3.

LEXIT combines the most powerful Web3 technologies into one seamless platform solution and is lowering the barriers for a widespread mainstream adoption. With the integrated NFT Launchpad, entities don't need to develop any Smart Contracts or Launchpads software for their websites, LEXIT provides all these features for anyone to utilize if needed.

LEXIT also offers NFT-as-a-Service & Metaverse-as-a-Service for those new to the space & looking to get into the Web3 space by offering a smooth transition strategy & roadmap from Web2 to Web3.